Monday, April 4, 2011

(Spring: Naked Nails) Urban Outfitter's Afterhours

A week ago, I was perusing Urban Outfitter's and came across their nail polish at the check out. The first one that caught my eye was this little delicious glitter polish called Afterhours. I'm sure they were aiming to replicate OPI's Mad As A Hatter polish with this! It's multi-colored, but, mainly focuses on silver and pink/red particles. At first, my only complaint was the really chunky bottle with an unnecessary amount of glass. Then, the next morning, I woke up and found the polish had chipped off half of my nails. And, that's without running it under water several times, playing sports, or being hard on the nails in general! So, overall, do not get these polishes. A waste of $5, and glass!Compared to China Glaze and OPI bottles.


  1. great review!! won't be wasting my money!!

  2. use a top coat! problem solved!