Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(Spring: Naked Nails) Wet n' Wild Private Viewing

This morning, I got up a little bit earlier to do my nails up in Wet n' Wild's MegaLast Nail Color in 204A Private Viewing. It retails for just under $2 at most drugstores and superstores. For the price, and, the quality, Private Viewing isn't too bad a polish at all! It took me roughly three coats to get full coverage, but, I also got some gnarly staining from my last manicure, OPI's Make Love! If you see a slight yellow tinge on my nails, that's why! I've never had problems with nail stains, except, with that polish. Very strange! Anyways, Private Viewing is the perfect mannequin nude nail for lighter skin tones. I bought it a while back, during the mannequin nail craze! It's finish is a sheerer cream, and, up-close, has the slightest hint of shimmer. Here is your Private Viewing!

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