Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zoya Pinta

Alright, guys. I am really proud of myself right now. This is the first manicure I can say that I did pretty good on! My name is Rachel. I'm 21, and, this is my first accomplished manicure. Shew! Doing another Zoya polish today, named Pinta. Pinta is another beautiful polish in a cream finish. It has a silky deep indigo hue that can lean towards blue or purple in different lighting. Honestly, I had some issues with the brush today. But, thanks to the great formula, the manicure was a success. I highly recommend Pinta to any one with any skin-tone. It's simple and gorgeous for any occasion!
(Okay, maybe I need a little more practice. -cough- Ring finger. -cough-) :]