Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zoya Malia

Today, I made up for my failnicure a few days back. I was like, "Malia, girl, I gotta try you out again." Zoya's Malia is a gorgeous medium-toned lavender creme. This was honestly the easiest polish I've ever dealt with. It glided on my nails like buttah! On top of the gorgeous color, the formula was a nice surprise. The opacity is listed as 5/5 on Zoya's site. The first coat almost did it, but, a second coat would suit better. So, I think a 4 is more fit. My good friend also gave me some nail art beads, and thought one of them would be awesome to pair with Malia. Although Seche Vite ended up making the bead color bleed some, it still looks really neat. Almost like blackberries trickled on my ring nails!

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