Monday, February 7, 2011

Wonder Woman face charts.

Today, I just found all of the new face charts for MAC's Wonder Woman collection. It's being released here, in America, on Thursday, the 10th. I'm really pumped up for it, so, I'll be posting a couple looks based on the face charts. In my opinion, they did a good job on the face charts, except one. Can I say.. what happened with the Deep Truth look? Really? Is it Wonder Woman on her death bed, or is it zombified-Wonder Woman? I can't tell! I feel like when I look at these looks in a sequence, it's Wonder Woman going from little girl to elder woman. Any one else see that? Anyways, besides Deep Truth, bravo MAC.


  1. cant wait to try the marine ulta one! looks so fun and bright :)

  2. Yeah, I love it! I'm gonna try to do that one next!