Monday, February 7, 2011

Milani Blue Flash

Yesterday, along with my spirit make-up, I also went all out on my nails. What else to do besides some full-on glitter polish in an electric blue shade? I bought Milani's One Coat Glitter Polish in Blue Flash back in December along with Silver Dazzle seen here! When I first used Silver Dazzle, I tried applying Seche Vite for the top coat. The result wasn't too appealing to me, really. This time, no top coat was applied and the texture is amazing. It has that neat gritty texture that I adore! And, it gives it more of an authentic glitter look, rather than a polished glitter. These are sold out at most CVS' at the moment, but, it's actually being released on a larger base sometime this month. Besides all the confusion, these are beautiful, end of story! Here's Blue Flash!
After one coat was applied.
And, then the second!
And, one more just to really catch your eye!


  1. i love this glitter polish! i'm wearing it right now!

  2. Courtney- Yeah, this polish is awesome! I'm so glad the whole line is being re-released soon. Definitely worth the money!

    Phyrra- Thank you! :]