Sunday, February 20, 2011

MAC Select Cover-Up swatches!

When I started hair school, they offered us a student kit from MAC. The original price for everything tallied around $1,000! But, we got a special offer for $450. Included in the kit were these little guys, MAC's Select Cover-Up Concealer. They've worked on every face I've done, except myself. It works on blemishes around my face, but, when it comes to my under-eye wrinkles.. it's a no-go! I've still yet to find a concealer that works on my ultra-creaser wrinkles! Overall, I'd give Select Cover-Up a B+. The reason it's not an A, or an A-, is because I think it's crucial for a concealer to help correct eye wrinkles without creasing. Like I said, this may be my little dream, but, one can hope! These currently retail for $16.50 each at MAC's site. Here are swatches on my roughly NC20 skin:
(L-R): NW15, NW25, NC42, NW50


  1. What? you guys got a makeup kit from MAC!? We got screwed over with the most economic-friendly kit a cosmetology student could possibly get- fussy duckbill clips and all!

    I have this in NW15... and I'm really not a fan for use under the eyes either. Then again, I've pretty much ditched MAC products in the past few years. I have uber pale skin, so I'm oh so lucky (sarcasm) to have dark areas under my eyes due to veins and freckles. Whenever I use this it just makes these areas look rather unnatural and cakey. The best solution I've had so far is just carefully padding my foundation with my finger under my eyes and blending it in with the rest of the foundation. I'm not looking forward to the day when I need something more heavy duty than a liquid foundation to cover up the discoloration.

    /end rant :)

  2. You crack me up! :D At least you can pat your foundation in! I've tried to do that and my wrinkles crease it in under a minute. Forever looking for dream concealer, haha.

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