Saturday, February 12, 2011

MAC haul ( Wonder Woman ) + swatches!

Today is totally epic. The weather is beautiful, I'm having some great visitors tonight, and, I bought something from MAC for the first time in about a year! So, this is one of the last times you'll probably have to see me talk on forever about MAC's Wonder Woman collection! I finally have it! My counter was already sold out of the Amazon Princess Blush Duo, so, I got Mighty Aphrodite. At first, there was doubt. The whole peachy-coral has been everywhere, and especially, in my collection. I was wanting Amazon Princess because I'm lacking a good cool-toned pink/berry color in my kit. But, after it was broke out of the box, and opened, it was love. It made me remember why I have so many peachy-corals in my collection in the first place. It's beautiful, that's why! And, Athena's Kiss was irresistible to me. The color, amount of product, packaging, and size couldn't be any more gaudy for my taste! I picked up a Turquatic perfume as well. It's my HG scent! Prepare for some silly:
Regular MAC Lipglass vs. Athena's Kiss Lipglass
Vanessa at Nessasary Make-up posted a great swatch of
MAC's Magnetique vs. Athena's Kiss here!

L-R: MAC Shell Pearl, MAC Might Aphrodite, Benefit CoraLista
L-R: Benefit CoraLista, MAC Might Aphrodite (dark side),
MAC Mighty Aphrodite (light side), MAC Shell Pearl
Bonus: MAC swatches L-R: Ladyblush, Britwit, and Laid Back Blushcremes.
Virgin Isles, Tickle Me Pink, Pearl, and Hush Cream Color Bases.
And, here's my Valentine this year! "You make me smell good. I think I love you." :]


  1. Great haul! I'm getting Mighty Aphrodite, unlike you I have tonnes of cool pink blushes but no coraly peaches :P I love the look of Athena's Kiss but I didn't get it because I have lots of pink glosses already.

  2. your makeup looks fab!! lol isnt athenas kiss ridic though? I cant even apply it with the wand, i have to use a lip brush. also i think its tickle me pink ccb, not tickle me. I just bought it and LOVE it on my lips!! :)
    great haul! hope you get amazon princess eventually its so beautiful.

  3. Thanks Lillian! I think Mighty Aphrodite will be your fix for the coral-peaches. It's REALLY nice! :]

    And, stef, you're absolutely right on Tickle Me Pink. I want all of those CCB's so badly, but, I'm positive they'll end up at the CCO pretty soon! At least.. I'm hoping so, haha. And, I just posted the make-up as well!

  4. Love your makeup! :) Turquatic is my fave too. ;)

  5. Athena's kiss looks amazing, i love hot pink colors!! I wasn't going to get anything from here but I think I might. I like hot pink hehe. I know this sounds crazy but I won $1000 worth of MAC lately so I did my haul here: It's like my most epic haul haha. I'm giving out most of my prize so see if you're interested. Great blog hun, xoxo Roseanne