Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adventures in Depotting Eyeshadows!

Lately, I've been stalking Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel, and picking up a lot of great tips. The other day, I came across her video on lip palettes. I woke up yesterday morning and started immediately digging for things to depot and go through my lipsticks (seen above). I took five of my MAC shadows, and two NYX trios, to the flat iron and depotted them. It's a really simple method that takes a flat iron, a piece of freezer paper, and tweezers. There are several tutorials on YouTube for it, though! MakeupGeekTV has a good one. And, for depotting without heat, ericaleung13 has a good one, as well! It's the third time I've used the flat iron method, and, it hasn't failed me yet.
MAC (left half) L-R: Warm Chill, Climate Blue, Showstopper, Pincurl, Copperplate.
NYX (right half) L-R: Sweet Lagoon, Aqua, Platinum Silver, Ocean, Opal, Luster.

The finished result!


  1. oooh! I love organisation! Pretty :D

  2. All those colours! They're so pretty :) it makes me want to play with my make up now hehe.

  3. smoosh_kissxx - I think organization is my REAL middle name, haha. Love it! And, thanks!

    Sophie - And, I have 2 more palettes of colors, yayyyyy! I'm obsessed. End of story. :D Thank you!