Friday, January 28, 2011

Zoya haulin'!

Earlier this month, I made two orders for Zoya's Facebook-Three-Free event. The other day, I received two packages containing five out of six of my new babies. Unfortunately, my most-anticipated deep grey, Kelly, is back-ordered in the meantime. But, the other five are super gorgeous! I got Nina, Envy, Pinta, Yummy, and Malia. I'll also be posting a manicure in the next couple days, so, watch out for that!
My friend also did two orders. Her chosen six were Cheri, Celine, Valerie, Kalista, Mikka, and Raven.


  1. Love the Zoya colours, find it hard to get where I am (Scotland) Great haul!

  2. How did you do two orders? I thought about trying that, but figured I'd get caught and wouldn't be allowed.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    And Faith, I ended up having one of my other friends like them on Facebook and choosing the three colors for me. My friend ended up doing an account using her first name, then middle name for the other. And, she also used two separate e-mails as well!