Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Runway: Spring 2011's Big Hitters

Yes, here it is. My favorite season of all is upon us in almost two months. Spring, spring, spring! What really makes me feel better is when I see all the color heading down the runway. I can't wait to break out of my leggings and worn out moccasins for the season! Besides clothes, the fresh-faced models make a huge difference as well. The look of moisture and hydration beats the dull, dry, winter-face any day, in my book. Although most of the true make-up worn had a dark-feel, it still meshed with the outfits very well. Chanel stuck with a panda-eye, and a defined hair part marked with some sort of eye liner. Different, for sure! Dior did the 40's routine, but very perfected and staying bold while at it. Marc Jacobs had what I'd like to call a 'seventies gothique' look. Louis Vuitton did the smoldery rusts and coppers complete with the one-eye-reveal. Nina Ricci did some romantic pinks with neutralized brows. And, finally, Zac Posen. What else are you going to do after a cold, dreary season? Choose several bright hues and blend them all over the face. The perfect way to rid the winter blues!
Marc Jacobs.
Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton, Spring campaign.
Nina Ricci.
Zac Posen.

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