Thursday, January 13, 2011

LUSH haulin'

I'm sure most of you saw the after-Christmas sale that LUSH was holding a few weeks back! They had all of their Holiday and gift items buy-one-get-one free. It was a really good deal, and Snow Fairy was still in stock, so I bought into it. I haven't tried the holy Snow Fairy yet, and thought it was about time! While I was waiting for that, I ended up going to a mall near-by with friends and stopped in the LUSH store. The sale was also taking place in-store, so I grabbed two Candy Cane Bubble Bars, and two So White Bath Bombs. Any justified candy scents, and apple scents are my love! When my package finally arrived, they sent me a 3.3 oz. Snow Fairy as my freebie while my other Snow Fairy is the 16.9 oz. A huge 80% difference! I immediately called LUSH and waited 5 minutes only for a robot to tell me there were no operators available. Never thought I'd have that happen to me with LUSH! After that, I called my local store and told them about it. They were completely understanding and let me come in to exchange the mini Snow Fairy for a 16.9 oz. Glögg. It's different, but a really neat scent. All in all, I'm really happy how everything turned out!
The haul plus my free sample soaps, Porridge, and Figs & Leaves.


  1. Glögg is wonderful! And it actually smells pretty much like swedish glögg :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad I made the switch then! I've never had real glögg, but the smell is intoxicating. Especially in the wintertime!