Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Beauty Resolutions

Well, finally, a new year has begun. The 2nd officially marked my 1/2 year as a blogger! And, I'm really happy I get to start the year with almost 100 followers. You guys have really been great! I'm one of those people that gets excited over the smallest things, so with each new follower comes a hoot or a holler! One of my 2010 Beauty Resolutions was to start a blog, and here we are. Fortunately, I accomplished most of my resolutions from last year. This year, I'm making it a little more tough and adding more routine-habit breakers! For 2011, my largest accomplishment would to be making videos on YouTube. I'm not positive on this one yet because I realize just about every look has been done 1,000 times over! If you guys have any opinions or suggestions on this, let me know in the comments! Also, tell me what your resolutions are for the year! Here's my official list:

Wipe off my make-up every night. (Three nights down already!)
Try a different type of look or technique each week.
Wear different kinds of nude lips.
Build my professional kit up.
Switch all products, beauty and hygiene, over to cruelty-free.
Keep my nails in decent shape.
Start doing videos on YouTube.
Drink water!


  1. My resolutions are kind of similar actually :D

    1. Learn french (I done it in school and I wanna learn it again, already bought my books and audio cds)

    2. Update my blog regularly http://smooshkissxx.blogspot.com/ :D woo!

    3. By the end of the year start posting haul/review videos on YouTube (I'm still experimenting with make-up so i'm not good enough for that but I love hauls/doing reviews so I could manage that I hope!)

    Hope to see you on YouTube soon!

  2. Good stuff! I'm following now! :]