Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My favorite holiday is in t-minus 62 days from today! I've been in love with Halloween since I was very little. The idea of dressing up and getting to be something different for an entire day was my dream. As I've got older, I realize everyday can be a point of change in the way a person can look. Different clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair style, make-up, etc. But, Halloween is the best time to make the change 100%. I'm still making my choice between these looks that have accumulated for quite some time:
the classic: Bride of Frankenstein
a Ganguro girl
a ventriloquist doll
or one of Sylvia Ji's gorgeous paintings!

Monday, August 30, 2010

my first nailpolish swatches!

Oh, hello again! I've been in the moving process the last few weeks, but it's time to get back in the groove. What better way then to post some swatches? I'm mainly a make-up swatch kind-of-person, but when I see a gorgeous polish in the bottle, it's done! I stumbled across OPI's Ogre the Top Blue (Shrek collection), and Over the Taupe a few weeks back and bought them on site! Check out the swatches:

Now, I know it's a bit of a taboo to post toe polish online, but here are mine!

Oh, this is a sexy one!
All in all, these polishes are completely gorgeous. Both polishes go on exactly as you see in the bottle and the formula is really nice! Kah-ching!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Round Rock, TX CCO haulage

Oh, man! I'm finally back from Texas! The last few days of the trip I didn't have any Wi-fi for the blog, so I owe the blog some posts. First is my make-up haul!! When we were driving into the Austin area, I had my boy take me to the outlet in Round Rock for the CCO I've been looking forward to visiting for SEVEN MONTHS. Yep. So, without further adieu, here's my haul..
Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish
Pink Noveau Lipstick
Vanilla Pigment
Reflects Very Pink
Hushabye Sheertone Blush
Enough Said Beauty Powder Blush
On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush (LE with Style Warriors, 2009)

and.. My grand total:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

roadtrip make-up, 08.05.10

Hey again! Right now, I'm down in good ol' Austin, TX! The other day we made the 8 hour trip down to visit my boy's family and friends. I was wanting to do something with some pizazz, but still keeping it simple just in case it decided to melt off on the 100 degree+ trip down. *In which it partially did!* Luckily I took the pictures before it reached that point!

Eyes: UDPP, MAC Patina, Brown Down, Orb, Vanilla, Teddy Eye Kohl
Cheeks: MAC Harmony, Spaced Out, Refined MSF
Lips: MAC Utterly Frivolous, Soap&Glory's SexyMotherPucker in Plum Juice
LoveMyNails' Fairydust on ring, everything else is Sinful Colors Mint Apple <3
Todee's! This was an experiment, haha. It's OPI's Suzi Skis In the Pyrenees + Breathe Life on parts

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dustin Hunter, brush scientist.

So, what up! A few days back, I tried a trick I recently watched on dustyohunter's video, Quick Tricks: Drying Your Brushes. I decided to try it out on my face/blush brushes since they were more splayed out than the eye brushes! Each brush took roughly 2 sheets of TP and wrapping was a cinch. Now, I was already in love with this guy, but if you're out there, thanks Dustin for the help! It made an obvious difference in shaping and with the hairs splaying out. So, hats off to you! Now, here's how they looked wrapped and afterward:
That last picture shows some of the hairs still sticking out, but, I've had this brush for 4 years and this is the best it's looked for a while. Proof of a great technique! The brush cleanser I've been using for a while now is a recipe from Enkore's Home Made Brush Cleanser video. It's worked every time! Give them both a try; it'll be worth your while!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

new hair!

Yeah, you read right. It was about to get this mop fixed up, all Swiffer-like. So, a long story short.. my blonde dream pretty much failed. My hair has been red for a few years now and the pigment was a no-go on the lifting! But! I didn't lose hope! One of the stylists helping out, Johnny, suggested we repair it with some really rich red-violets. So, with a paragraph of formulating.. this is the outcome of his idea:
BONUS: After the soap-cap lightening process.. I was a "Cheeto-head"
My gorgeous stylist, Melissa, ended up using L'oreal Majirel on my roots and Richesse on the rest of the strands! I would write out the formula.. but it was all kinds of odds and ends with 6.56, 5.62, etc. Hope you guys like it!