Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wet n' Wild Color Icon palette in Greed (246) swatches + review!

I know, I know. You guys have seen me talk ages about Wet n' Wild now! But, the quality of these palettes are awesome for just a mere $5 each! I was asked by a reader about pigmentation, lasting power, etc. on the Wet n' Wild Color Icon palettes. And then, I remembered that I haven't swatched the four regular palettes like I promised! (Thanks Shanna!) So sorry about that, but they're here now! Today, I'm starting with Greed (246). All of the palettes include three mattes in the first column, and frosty/lustre-textured colors in the second column. Greed includes three peachier tones with a matte and shimmer black, and a light periwinkle with a gold frost. Every time I've used the mattes, they haven't let me down! On the other hand, the frost/lustres aren't very pigmented. They also tend to leave a good amount of fall-out on the cheeks. The periwinkle and peach shimmer are better served as washes on the lid. And, in my opinion, the best use for the black shimmer would be trying out a lighter-hand smokey eye. It's a very versatile palette though! I've used it plenty of times since I bought it a few months back. If you're a neutral shadow nut, this needs to be in your collection! Here are pictures of the palettes and swatches. Enjoy!
without flash.
same thing, with flash!


  1. Holy smokes. Are these with or without a base? Either way, these are FAR beyond the quality of what their shadows used to be. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw these lol. Those look better pigmented than even some MAC shadows. Damn. I'm in shock over here. Thanks for swatching! It's going to be difficult to break out of the "pffft, Wet n Wild is pure crap," mindset, but I think I'm going to have to do it.

  2. They're on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion. Only on the top half though. It makes a difference for the shimmer colors, but not really for the mattes. On simple days, I don't do bases for their mattes and they stay pretty well. :] And yes, better than some MAC shadows, I do agree! You'll have to try them when WN'W is 50% at Walgreens or at least a BOGO!