Friday, December 10, 2010

Pixi for Target-inspired, 12.10.10

This is my final picture for the high-end imported lines from Target! Today, I finished up with a simple doll-eye look paired with luscious pink lips created from Pixi. The line's creator is Swedish make-up artist, Petra Strand. After yesterday's look, I needed a little break from brighter colors since my eyelids were a little sore from rubbing off the JK Jemma Kidd look! And, this was a good follow-up. Since the purples I wore yesterday stained my lid, the yellow-toned nudes from this canceled out any possible stains showing through. One issue I had was the difference of eyebrow shapes. I thickened my brows to more of a rectangle shape, such as the model, and filled my tail in, but it still looks a little off! That and the fact that in between grabbing my camera and taking pictures, my brows were unshaped. But really, I shouldn't have to get that technical since it's such a simple look! I should've taken the brows seriously only if it were more dramatic, such as drag, runway, or editorial. Enough gobbledygook, here is the look! Enjoy!
My version!
Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff & 180 Sand Beige
MAC Fresh Morning CCB
MAC Harmony, Peaches blushes

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Vanity palette (all mattes, shimmery gold)
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Greed palette (all mattes)
Rimmel white kohl
Revlon Double Twist mascara (top lashes)
MAC Pro Lash mascara (bottom lashes)

NYX Coral lip liner
MAC Lovelorn lipstick
MAC Ensign lustreglass (LE)


  1. You've been using a lot of the newer Wet n Wild eye shadows lately - have they improved in quality? I always pass that rack by when looking at makeup, but I've been seeing those pop up quite frequently in FOTD's lately. How is the pigmentation/staying power?

  2. They've improved A LOT. I used to buy their old stuff when I was young also, so these are no comparison! The pigmentation on 95% of them are great! I only have fall out on certain eye shadows when I put them on, but they do stay put other than that. For $5 each palette, they're amazing! I'll do a swatch post of the 4 permanent palettes for everyone. :]

  3. this look is super-nice, fresh and pretty! :)