Tuesday, December 7, 2010

N.Y.C. Times Square Tangerine Creme swatches + simple cat eye

Oi, is that a mouthful for a nail polish name? Ironically, I was in a beauty supply store today and compared my nails to another long-titled polish, "A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find" from OPI's Hong Kong collection. My nails vs. the bottle looked 100% straight on! So, if you have that, you can skip this polish! Today, I was looking for a good splash of color to break up my grey and black outfit. N.Y.C.'s Times Square Tangerine Creme has been -sitting- in my collection for a couple years now amongst tons of other polishes. I avoided it for a while because I was rocking the red hair for a while and didn't want them looking all tacky. Of course, I just wasn't using my creative juices, haha. Today was the first day I've worn it on my finger nails, plenty on my toes! And, I have to say.. I have enjoyed this color every minute so far! Another bonus, N.Y.C. Long Wearing Nail Enamels retail for only a mere $.99 at most retailers! Check it out..
'scuse the bad cuticles. They're in a major healing session from the dry weather!
For reference, this is how it looks in real life! Has much more of a coral/red-orange vibe to it.
And a quick FOTD from today.. winged liner and coral-nude liparoo's!
Wet n' Wild Vanity palette (2 lightest mattes), MAC Pink Opal, Jane gel liner on eyes
BeneFit CoraLista on cheeks
Clinique Coral Crush+MAC Blankety topped with MAC's Perennial High Style gloss on lips

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  1. love it!
    your skin looks super-healthy and gorgeous! :)