Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dior Couture/Housewives of the Future!, 12.11.10

Alright, time for some fun! I came across this look from the Dior Couture for Autumn/Winter 2010 show. Now, I'm not a fan of Dior because of their animal furs/testing deal. But, their runway looks always tug at my heart strings because who do they hire for almost EVERY show? One of my favorites, Miss Pat McGrath. In my book, she owns the word and title of 'make-up artist'. There should be titles calling people make-upers, or make-up artists, haha. Anyways, for the show, they called for color-blocking on the eyes, winged liner, big lashes as the main course. The cheeks were toned down to make room for the final bang: deep-purpley-red-plum lippie goodness. Man, what a combo! I started fixing my hair in the same style, but it's too short right now. I ended up playing with it a little, and let it sit into it's natural wavy shape. It ended up forming into a toned-down beehive and with my little lace garnish, it had a nice 50's vibe. The look, overall, reminded me of the 1950's in 2050 (hence the title). Pale skin, ferocious liner and lashes, and, a healthy dose of saturation. Sounds all too perfect to me!
After NYX's Marooned gloss was applied..Face:
Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff
MAC Select Cover-Up in NC15
MAC Harmony, Pink Swoon blushes

MAC Blue Peep fluidline
Mehron Black aqua color
MAC Select Cover-Up in NC15
Rimmel white kohl
Wet n' Wild Taupe brow pencil
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Vanity camel shadow on brows
Eyemimo NTR#04 lashes
MAC Pro Lash

MAC Media, Cyber lipsticks
NYX Marooned Mega shine gloss

BONUS PIC: Tried to mix Mehron Basic palette colors to achieve the electric turquoise. Results: FAIL!
I settled with MAC's Blue Peep very well after the experiment, haha.