Thursday, December 30, 2010

CORALista looks, 12.29.10

This year, one of my make-up resolutions I came up with was not to depend on Benefit's CORALista blush every day! I bought it in March 2009 and used it for most of the following nine months. But, can you blame me? It's such a gorgeous blush! I usually don't like make-up products with scent to them, especially powder products, but I do enjoy CORALista's scent! The most important factor in blush, for me, is the "blend-ability." And CORALista is the best one I've come across by far that blends flawlessly on the face. It layers very nicely too! The last few days, I've been using it like a mad woman! I figure that most of the year, I've used the rest of my blushes. Now, it's CORALista's turn! Here are pictures and two looks using it:
The first day I did a look with a retro-feel to it. Highlighted eyes, and a light red glossy lip.
NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Milk, CORALista, MAC Rich & Ripe l/g, Soap&Glory Plum Juice SMP
The next day I did more of a raw smokey splayed out from the eyeliner!
NYX Milk, Wet n' Wild Greed cream and black, KIKO no.34 e/s, CORALista, MAC Blowdry l/s, Soap&Glory Plum Juice SMP


  1. Looks so beautiful and radiant on you! x

  2. I love Coralista, I went through a period the last couple months where it is the only blush I wore, but recently I made myself put it away and start using some other ones too!

  3. Thanks VampriressDoll!

    And Jennifer, that's exactly what I had to do. It's DANGEROUSLY too good of a blush, haha. Especially when you have too much money invested in other blushes waiting to be used. :D