Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wet n' Wild Morbid polish swatches!

Last week, I finally broke and painted my nails after a long recovery for my damaged cuticles! After going through my polish bag, I realized that my poor Wet n' Wild Craze polish in Morbid hasn't been touched since it was bought! It has an almost deep plum base that doesn't really show through much with all the deep blue-green flecks. The color swatches beautifully with only one coat. I ended up putting 2 coats on just to deepen it and have more dimension. Recently, I came across Viola from Killer Colours' post on nail polish finishes. She relinked the post from Michèle over at lacquerized from this post on the 25 different nail polish finishes. It's a great directory if you're starting to get into polishes, or if you're just a good, ol' fashioned, texture-freak, such as myself! I'm going to guess that Morbid has a glass-flecked finish. If any one else has a better guess, tell me down in the comments!
looks like you're at the bottom of the ocean looking up at the sun!

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