Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sugarpill update!

So, it could be wrong that I'm saying this because I don't own one single Sugarpill item to my collection yet! This weekend is their 'Pink Weekend' event in coordination with all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going on. Yesterday, the 26th, was the only chance to get 30% off, but, you can still get 20% off on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (the 27th-29th)! I have to tell you guys.. that I am so proud of myself! I've wanted Sugarpill every waking minute it's been available, and I had my cart full. I even went to the bank to transfer money into my checking account to buy it. But! I resisted because of bills, Christmas, and my student loans. It's crazy what this time of year can do to a person, haha.

I also wanted to inform everyone on their new product that's coming out, called 'Glorify Eyeshadow Primer'. I haven't heard anything about it yet, up until the e-mail, but it's exciting!

It's also being rumored that Amy is coming out with some pressed shadows and lip glosses?
Either way, I'm stoked! Now, only to get my hands on some Sugarpill!


  1. I ordered my first sugarpill order and was lucky enough to get the 30% off. Saved about $40! Cheering :)

  2. Sweeeeet!! Can't wait to see your haul post? :] I calculated that I would've saved $40 on my order as well, haha. We would've been pulling out the big guns with our wallets!!