Friday, November 19, 2010

Les Tentations, 11.19.10

So, I'm back with some recent inspiration! I was browsing my Bloglovin' and came across Bella's Beauty Spot's post on Chanel's 2010 Holiday collection, Les Tentations. The promo picture is simply gorgeous. Of course, me being me.. I made it way more intense than it was. See, I usually prepare for my camera not justifying the colors, in return, a clowned-up version of what I was really going for, haha. But, anyways.. without further adieu! The promo picture followed by the look..
(before the hair was done!)
Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff
MAC Harmony, Pink Swoon, Peaches
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Invisible Set Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Omega, Patina, Brown Down, Showstopper, Orb
Mirabella Chestnut
MAC Teddy Eye Kohl
CG LashBlast (finishing the tube up)

NYX Bloom l/l
MAC Pink Packed l/s
MAC Clear l/g


  1. this is beautiful, I loved that promo pic the moment i saw it too. I gotta try and recreate it

  2. wow i'm so happy you came across my blog! thanks for the exposure! i read yours daily! keep up the great work!



  3. Hi, do you know what would be a MAC dupe(or similar shades even) for Mirabella Chestnut?

  4. Sorry I'm responding late, but thanks very much everybody! <3

    And I compared Chestnut to MAC Brown Down. It's a shade lighter and looked a little more golden-brown rather than Brown Down having a slightly red-brown tone. So, I'm going to guess MAC's Swiss Chocolate is similar to Chestnut! Hope this helps. :D