Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paul & Joe Lipstick C!

So, I meant to post this several weeks ago when I first heard word! Paul & Joe came out with a Fall collection including these ADORABLE cat lipsticks. Brilliant idea, since at least half of all the make-up addicts are cat lovers alike! From swatches I've seen, they're all a nice glaze formula and gives a nude, pink, or peach tint. Of course, if I had one myself, I wouldn't use it at all because I'm included in the cat-lover category! But! By chance, if a make-up company finds this post.. make cat-shaped lipsticks, make millions. Enjoy!The lipsticks with their cute packaging.
(from L-R): 066 Claire de Lune, 067 Over the Moon, 068 Moon Shadow

More swatches, and pictures are available at Makeup and Life! It looks like after much searching.. there aren't very many available anymore.. but there's always Ebay!


  1. omg, how could anyone bring themselves to use it? So cute!

  2. That's what I thought!! And I'm not one to buy something just for packaging or anything and not use it. But seriously.. who could smear a cat's face on their lips?!