Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Minute Halloween ideas!

This morning, I was going through my pictures and realized I had a small gallery of Stage/SFX make-up! They were done a couple years ago when I was taking a Stage Make-Up course at my old community college. I figured this would be perfect for anyone who was looking for some ideas for easy face paint looks for Halloween! Enjoy!
Animals: cheetah, super-theatrical lion, and a red panda
Half-face Comic Book Girl
Old Age SFX (one of my favorites!)
A simple take on a sugar skull.
And, when you have some scarwax layin' around, you can do these as well:
(my boy is such a good model, haha)
Hope these help some of you guys out this year, and good luck!


  1. That first one is totally my favorite!

  2. been looking around here a bit now :) wow, the comic book girl is so cool! :D