Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new haul; Wet n' Wild!

This weekend I was staying with my parents, and came across the Walgreens ad on Sunday. Fifty percent off all Wet n' Wild Cosmetics! I headed there that evening and bought my first haul for $11.73. Yesterday, I came back home and checked my Walgreens and bought $10.24!! Here's what $21.97 looks like..
(back row): Dreamy Poppy, Blazed, Sunny Side Up, Blue Moon, Black Crème, Through the Grapevine, Disturbia, Black Mail, Shield, Morbid
(middle row): Black and Aqua Mega Liners
(front row): Pearlescent Pink, Heather Pink, Kitten (purple), Envy (green), Vanity, Pride
So, basically.. if you've ever wanted to try Wet n' Wild and you have a Walgreens near, run! Don't walk! Have a wonderful day..


  1. Awesome haul! I have that brown palette and I love it! I actually used it today! I havent tried the blushes yet..that on my list!

  2. Yeah, I'm really loving the palette as well!! I don't know how Wet n' Wild did it for $5! So far, I tried the Heather Pink blush, and it's SUPER pigmented. I even applied it with a light hand and got that "fever" look! At least it means it'll last long, haha.

  3. LOVE WnW eyeshadow! I was kinda bummed that I could participate in the 50 off sale, I already have every single one of their palettes, lol!

  4. *could NOT participate, rather ;)

  5. I absolutely am in love with the palettes!! At least if you bought them at Walgreens, you could've said you were sale-savvy. :]