Saturday, September 25, 2010

new cut, new color!

So, here's what we were working with for the last couple months.. frayed, faded, funky hair. Nothing wrong with that. I can definitely handle some funky strands, but I was over it 2 months later! My dream hair at the moment is Michelle Williams' current long pixie seen here! It's so dreamy and platinum! I figure it'd be better going lighter now, rather than darker and then "hello damage!" lighter. Today is marking a week I've had the new style and this is what I've done so far..
flat-ironed with a Cricket Centrix iron, love!
natural texture + blow dryer = still funkalicious.
and this is curled with a 1" Hot Tools iron!
November 3rd is my determination day for being platinum, or at least a gorgeous violet/ashy light blonde. Wish me luck!

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