Saturday, September 25, 2010

and a cookie for your patience!

I've finally decided on going all out on the sugar skull character (based on Sylvia Ji's work) for Halloween! I can't believe it's a month and five days away... *sigh*. Okay, so, although I did a mask a few years back with my general make-up stash, *cue picture here*,
I decided it's time to upgrade and finally got on board with the Mehron Paradise Palettes. Especially because my 21st birthday is coming up in a week or so! A couple weeks ago, I was very lucky to stumble across a costume shop that carries many of Mehron's products, including all 4 Paradise Palettes. I ended up splurging a bit much for my wallet right now and bought the Tropical palette (my initial "want"), and then Basic (because that's all I needed for the sugar skull look!). Here are the pictures and some awesome swatches!
Basic (top), Tropical (bottom)
The wonderful synthetic brush included in each palette!
Basic palette, without flash.
And then with flash.
Tropical palette, without flash.
With flash.
All I can say right now is that I'm completely blown away!
And I can't wait to get the Pastel palette, woot! Have a great weekend everyone!

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