Saturday, August 7, 2010

roadtrip make-up, 08.05.10

Hey again! Right now, I'm down in good ol' Austin, TX! The other day we made the 8 hour trip down to visit my boy's family and friends. I was wanting to do something with some pizazz, but still keeping it simple just in case it decided to melt off on the 100 degree+ trip down. *In which it partially did!* Luckily I took the pictures before it reached that point!

Eyes: UDPP, MAC Patina, Brown Down, Orb, Vanilla, Teddy Eye Kohl
Cheeks: MAC Harmony, Spaced Out, Refined MSF
Lips: MAC Utterly Frivolous, Soap&Glory's SexyMotherPucker in Plum Juice
LoveMyNails' Fairydust on ring, everything else is Sinful Colors Mint Apple <3
Todee's! This was an experiment, haha. It's OPI's Suzi Skis In the Pyrenees + Breathe Life on parts

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