Sunday, August 1, 2010

new hair!

Yeah, you read right. It was about to get this mop fixed up, all Swiffer-like. So, a long story short.. my blonde dream pretty much failed. My hair has been red for a few years now and the pigment was a no-go on the lifting! But! I didn't lose hope! One of the stylists helping out, Johnny, suggested we repair it with some really rich red-violets. So, with a paragraph of formulating.. this is the outcome of his idea:
BONUS: After the soap-cap lightening process.. I was a "Cheeto-head"
My gorgeous stylist, Melissa, ended up using L'oreal Majirel on my roots and Richesse on the rest of the strands! I would write out the formula.. but it was all kinds of odds and ends with 6.56, 5.62, etc. Hope you guys like it!

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