Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dustin Hunter, brush scientist.

So, what up! A few days back, I tried a trick I recently watched on dustyohunter's video, Quick Tricks: Drying Your Brushes. I decided to try it out on my face/blush brushes since they were more splayed out than the eye brushes! Each brush took roughly 2 sheets of TP and wrapping was a cinch. Now, I was already in love with this guy, but if you're out there, thanks Dustin for the help! It made an obvious difference in shaping and with the hairs splaying out. So, hats off to you! Now, here's how they looked wrapped and afterward:
That last picture shows some of the hairs still sticking out, but, I've had this brush for 4 years and this is the best it's looked for a while. Proof of a great technique! The brush cleanser I've been using for a while now is a recipe from Enkore's Home Made Brush Cleanser video. It's worked every time! Give them both a try; it'll be worth your while!


  1. i love this! but i had a really hard time having it work for most of my eye brushes because it doesn't really get tight enough for small ones. I even changed a lot of the sizes to fit better. But still, awesome idea for the face ones, because I find my face one's seem to do it more.

  2. Yeah, I hear you on the eye brushes!! I was putting up a fight with the small angle liner brushes, haha.